Paradise on track: How a Kiwi couple created Ecotrax, the unique tourism phenomenon in Fiji, Stephen Foote, 13 May, 2023

Getaway finds 5 of the best things to do in Fiji

The New Zealand Herald 17 May, 2023 08:49 AM

ANZ Excellence in Tourism Awards 2022

Howie, Mandy and the entire Ecotrax crew are very proud to be awarded Silver Trophy at the ANZ Excellence in Tourism Awards 2022 for Community Social Responsibility.  
This award recognises the commitment and support of our community through the dark Covid times via many projects and help provided.
It's upward and onwards for our Ecotrax family and everyone in our very special Coral Coast community.Special Congratulations to our loyal and caring Ecotrax Whanau.

Family Wagon!

The Ecotrax Family Wagon is born!Now families with up to 4 small children can all travel together!

Surviving Covid -19 and Cyclone Harold

The past couple of years have been heart-breaking. We've been telling our beloved staff increasingly bad news each day and closed Ecotrax mid March, laying off all staff except security.
Like many foreigners living in Fiji, we’ve also had to decide whether we go or stay. In the end it wasn't that hard.

We're did our best to do some good during the crisis in whatever ways we can – we have been ferrying out food, hygiene packs and emergency building supplies to the villages our leased tramline passes through. Howie has also been clever enough to start to make 3D printed masks.

Supply delivery to Nalele Village, in Chief Bulikulas home.

Supply delivery to Malo Malo and Naidiri Villages

Ecotrax wins at ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards (FETA) 2018

The team at Ecotrax are delighted to be winners in two categories of the annual tourism awards event, the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards. We mannaged to take home 'Visitors, Attractions and Activity along with our very own Britney Turanganikeli winning 'Fiji Pride Champion'
We couldnt be prouder!

Powered by the Fiji Sun..

Zero carbon footprint running from 100% solar power.
Creating sustainable micro-businesses along the tour path with our local villages so if Ecotrax does well then everyone does well.

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Ecotrax Coral Coast

Posted by Air New Zealand, Kia Ora Magaine

Get your family on track for big fun with the world's only electric-assisted, rail-mounted pushbike (velocipede) journey. Anyone can do it, because you can choose to pedal or motor as you ride the rails through forest, fields, villages and wetlands. This three-hour adventure includes an hour for swimming and refreshments at a beautiful deserted beach.

Outside of the beautiful resorts in Fiji there is a whole natural world to discover.

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