Do I need to book in advance?

Yes bookings are essential!
To ensure we can secure you a spot please book at least 2 months in advance. For larger groups we suggest even earlier, call us to enquire +679 777 0164

Is there a weight restriction?

Yes, Maximum weight per person is 120 Kg

Who can participate?

1 year olds through to 100 years and beyond!  
Also disabled guests who are able to sit on the rear bench seat. We have child seat attachments for 1-3 yrs,
4- approx 6 years (dependent on child's height, minimum 135cm, and whether they can comfortably reach the pedals to cycle) can sit on the bench seat, as can Grandma and Grandad.

How safe is it?

Very safe, Ecotrax has been thoroughly OSH approved and rigorously tested in all conditions.

Do I need to be fit?

No, you choose how much energy you put into the ride, you can choose to use a lot or none at all,
totally up to you.

Can I smoke and drink alcohol on this tour?

You can smoke at our pretty designated smokers area at the base prior to the tour and at the destination beach but not while riding.  
Alcohol is not permitted.  
We provide cold bottled water and a fresh coconut drink to sample at the beach.

How long is the tour?

3 hours from the time you arrive at our base, this allows 20 minutes for a safety briefing, history talk and adjustment of seat heights for maximum comfort.  The length of track each way out to our destination beach is approx 12kms (but thanks to the electrics it doesn't feel like it!) You are on the velocipedes for approx 45 minutes each way with some stops on the way out.

What is included?

Light refreshments - 3 types of local seasonal fruit on a platter, green and brown coconuts to try, cold bottled water - please note we do not supply lunch.

What days does
Ecotrax operate?

Monday to Saturday, we close on Sundays in respect of the villages we pass through and our Fijian staff who traditionally take Sunday as a day of rest.  We will operate on a Sunday afternoon with special village permission on occasion, please feel free to ask.

Cancellation Policy

24 hrs or less prior to booking date- 100% cancellation fee
We are happy to reschedule your tour for another day if something unforeseen comes up such as illness.

Do I need to be able to ride a bicycle?

Not at all, there is no balance involved as the bicycle is hard mounted to the carriage, you can ride hands free while you take photos.  You are in control of the forward movement but the steering is taken care of by being attached to the tram line.  We have taken many people who have never ridden a bicycle in their lives!

What does 'Electric Assisted Bicycles' mean?

You have an accelerator which you use to get started, once moving you can start pedalling and the electrics kick in at this point to make pedalling very easy.  If you choose not to pedal you can use your handlebar accelerator all the way!

Can I bring gifts for the village children?

We currently do not stop at the villages we pass through following careful Covid practices. However any gifts will be taken out to the villages by the Ecotrax staff fortnightly and will be gratefully received.

There is no expectation by the villagers that they will be given anything, however if it is your wish to donate a gift please tell us when you arrive at base or when you make your booking.  
We do not allow guests to throw sweets to the children as some tours do as we see this as demeaning to them and unhealthy.  
We are working with the villages along our tour path to start and support micro businesses such as supplying the fruits and coconuts we provide guests as refreshments.