Designed and built by green inventor extraordinaire Howie de Vries. These modern, comfortable, electric-assisted vehicles are essentially modified, rail-mounted pushbikes.
They’re suitable for absolutely anyone to enjoy at their own pace… Mums and Dads, the disabled, the super-fits and the unfits, the little kids and the big kids.  It’s the ultimate family experience where the smiles come easily as you discover the fun together.
There’s some amazing history – Fiji’s sugarcane industry blazed this trail – but nature again dominates our slice of coastal magic and that’s just how we like it.
The sea and the land here are close to the hearts of our Fijian crew. They have a genuine love of sharing the stories and sharing in your fun everyday here at Ecotrax.
Returning back along the rails you'll know you have done something totally unique and can claim to have seen a part of Fiji rarely accessed.

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