Surviving Covid-19 and Cyclone Harold

The past weeks have been heart-breaking. We've been telling our beloved staff increasingly bad news each day and closed Ecotrax mid March, laying off all staff except security.
Like many foreigners living in Fiji, we’ve also had to decide whether we go or stay. In the end it wasn't that hard.

We're doing our best to do some good during the crisis in whatever ways we can – we have been ferrying out food, hygiene packs and emergency building supplies to the villages our leased tramline passes through. Howie has also been clever enough to start to make 3D printed masks.

Supply delivery to Nalele Village, in Chief Bulikulas home.

Supply delivery to Malo Malo and Naidiri Villages

With our income coming to a complete standstill in mid March we are using personal funds to help our local community. We desperately need help to continue to be effective.
We have set up a give a little page where we can accept your donations. All donations will be spent with careful consideration to ensure we are doing our best to keep our local community safe and assist with home rebuilds etc.

News feed..

19 April 2020; Ecotrax feature in an article about our efforts to help our community

16 April 2020; Power and water resumed to some parts of the Coral Coast

14 May 2020; Ecotrax sent out emergency building materials to Malomalo village

11 April 2020; We are now in day 4 without power or water as is much of Fiji. Still we are grateful to be lucky enough to still have a roof over head.

11 April 2020; Ecotrax's Mandy supplied photos and video for the article about Cyclone Harold.

08 April 2020; COVID-19: Kiwi couple distribute food and hygiene packs

02 April 2020; Ecotrax feature in newsroom article delivering supplies.

29 March 2020; Written by Exotrax owner Mandy.

'Social distancing' team photo